MIGS at the Sixth European Gender ConferenceDuring the Sixth European Gender Research Conference that took place in Lodz, Poland, it was formally announced that the European Commission has granted funding for the continuation of Athena for another three years. The aim of Thematic Network ATHENA3 is to further unite experts, scholars, teachers, and stakeholders from civil society and public institutions in the field of gender and diversity.

ATHENA3 will continue to bring together international and interdisciplinary expertise in women’s and gender studies. The focus of ATHENA3 will be divided via two connected themes (1) Gender, Culture and European Diversity, and (2) Women, Access and European Citizenship. In this third cycle, we hope to expand and consolidate our activities, expertise and outputs through targeted and structural integration in sustainable structures in three areas of output:

I. Curriculum development (resulting in innovative teaching material, new modules, co-taught classes and joint programmes, at BA, MA and doctoral levels, providing synergy with Marie Curie Training Networks);

II. Research on education (resulting in new evaluation tools, descriptors of field specific competencies for women’s and gender studies using the Tuning methodology, recommendations and collections of best practices for ICT in gender studies education, as well as surveys and databases for teaching material); and

III. Forging links between universities and civil society (resulting in a permanent professional platform; in databases and collections of printed and digital material available in women’s libraries that serve communities with information and LLL-projects).

MIGS has been an active member of the ATHENA network through its participation in the working group 3b “Working Group Activity 3b: Reconceptualising / (Re)thinking Equal Opportunities, Policy (Instruments) and Aims”. Please visit their website www.athena3.org for an expert database, discussion papers and other useful information on equal opportunities.

Other networks collaborating with ATHENA:

Women Information Network Europe [WINE], a network of women’s libraries, archives and information centres in Europe – http://www.women.it/wine/index.htm

WeAVE – A European Gender Studies Network for students, postgraduate students, PhDs, post-doc researchers, junior teachers – http://www.weave-network.eu/