The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS)  is a partner to the project entitled: “Free to Choose“. The main aim of the project is to raise awareness on gender diversity, enhancing and strongly promote change of culture and behaviour in youngster in choosing and transition phases and in adult key-persons, regarding types, roots and effects of gender stereotypes and segregation in labor market. Related objectives are to bring young people and the adult key-persons to get involved in a innovative and develop a different vision of the professions, skills and opportunities in labor market gender perspective. This will require the decodification of stereotypes, its recognition and overcoming, acting on young and adults.

Coordinator: Cooperativa Sociale Onlus ITACA Servici Socio Sanitari Educativi in Italy

Partners: Mediterranean Institute of Gender StudiesIRES FVG (Italy), Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy), REGIONE FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA (Italy), APLOAD (Portugal),  Zavod Nefiks  (Slovenia), MCBIT (Slovenia), OPCIONATE (Spain) and FIDAPA (Italy)


  • Management and coordination: Coordination and implementation of activities, Admin.and financial management, Monitoring, evaluation, International meetings
  • Operational Map: 3 researches Mind the gap, Coming out, FtC map
  • Game design: Ethnographic research on ludic habits and preferences of the target; Design of the game, (game type identification, rules and mechanics,prototype, final game release, Game Design Document, PlayerBook and WizardBook, Writing of guidelines; Training Seminar for partners on game usability game, Report and papers on the game design process and results.
  • Experimentation and Training Development of training materials, E-training for conductors/game masters, Evaluation of training materials and sessions, Testing of game sessions, Test study on game’s effectiveness:
  • Dissemination though the,
    • Opening of Facebook project profile;
    •  Opening of Project Web Site, linked with each web page of the partners;
    • Using IRES E-learning platform;
    • . Organization of Presentations of Social Research;
    •  Organization of Local events during the Transnational; and
    • Outputs.

Target group:

  1. Young people (male and female) aged 16-29 years, who are involved in a transition phase of their educational/professional life. More specifically, the project will have effects on different groups of girls and boy, that we can groups by age into ‘young’ for the boys and girls aged  16-20 years old and ‘young adults’ for those aged over 20 years old. Each group expressed different needs (i.e. orientation to university choose, orientation to labour market or through transition from temporary jobs etc.)
  2. The second target group involved are Adults, and especially the “KEY-PERSONS”, who are involved in activities related to the orientation system, with particular attention to the transition phases to education or training to work experiences. This includes, educators involved in youth center, association and other informal context; Orientators, career advisors and guidance working in public services, youth center or VET; Trainer and tutors of VET, especially the ones involved in traineership.

For more information, please contact Maria Angeli, Project Coordinator, Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS);, Tel.: 22795153