Empowering careMIGS is a partner to a project entitled ‘Empowering Care: Empowering girls in residential care against violence against women’, coordinated by SURT Women’s Foundation in Barcelona, Spain and funded by the Daphne III Programme, European Commission.

In the project website you will find a wide range of publications produced by the Empowering Care project.

Country research reports available both in country languages and in English:

Upcoming publications: 

– Comparative report in English.

– Scientific article for academic publication on the experiences of violence and abuse, perceptions of gender roles and intimate relationships of adolescent girls in residential care.

– Handbook for professionals with guidelines for the empowerment of girls in residential care, available in the national languages.

Background to the Project

Girl minors in residential care under the legal responsibility of public authorities are an extremely vulnerable group, where multiple risk factors of violence (gender, age, parental neglect and reclusion) intersect. Research shows that high numbers have experienced violence and abuse and traditional gender roles are pervasive, which may lead to further violence against women at a critical stage of sexual and affective development.

For more information please contact us at info@medinstgenderstudies.org or at 0035722-842219.