MIGS was involved as a partner to the project entitled Young Women: Fit for Politics, funded by the Grundtvig 2 Socrates Programme. The project is coordinated by the organization “Women without Borders” based in Vienna, Austria.

The project aimed to advance the equal participation of women in political decision-making processes by developing and carrying out programmes that take the diverse potential of young women as a starting point for their later active participation and co-determination in politics.

Young Women: Fit for Politics! was a unique initiative, which put interested and committed young women in a position to actively fight for a cause and make a contribution to society. It aimed to broaden the horizons of all participating women with respect to their direct environment and to initiate cross border projects and long term contacts.

Specifically, the project aimed to:

  • To arouse interest in daily politics in young women at the age of 16-25 and to train and offer opportunities and chances of active political participation.
  • To provide training to young women to develop skills and abilities to enter in the public and political life.
  • To develop and publish an interactive and adaptable Training Manual for concrete training of “leadership skills” of young women. The main focus of the Manual will be on: rhetoric, presentation techniques (oral and in writing), assertiveness, self-assuredness, consensus-oriented debating, teamwork, open-mindedness, defining personal skills and weaknesses and working with them, setting and pursuing aims, developing plans, taking responsibility, and networking.

The project objectives were:

  • To promote young women’s interest in politics with the help of:1. concrete leadership training in the form of workshops, aiming to train the opportunities and chances of active political participation;2. Presenting female role models who are active and successful in the political field by organising excursions to political as well as civil society institutions.
  • To establish an interactive, international forum for girls regarding the topics of democracy, human rights, participation, and gender, with the aim to train and prepare them for future political positions;
  • To empower young women;
  • To sensitise key figures in the national and international political landscape on the importance of educational- and empowerment initiatives for women and on the development of gender trainings and curricula;

This project had received funding for a second year where the partners organised two-day national workshops in the Spring 2007 as well as an International Workshop, with participants from all partner countries, in June 2007.

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– The pilot Empowerment Workshop for Young Women in Cyprus

– The National Training “Young Women: Fit for Politics!” conducted on the 24th and 25th of March, 2007.

This project was funded through the EU Socrates/Grundtvig initiative and ended with an international workshop in June 2007 in Vienna. A total of 13 young women from Vienna, Limassol/Cyprus and Istanbul participated in this successful workshop. The trainings handbook which was elaborated together with the partner organisations in Turkey and Cyprus can be downloaded below:

young women fit for politics handbook [PDF]

For more information contact Susana Pavlou on ++357 22 351 276, ext. 115 or susana@medinstgenderstudies.org