MIGS is partner in the project “APROPOS – Multisectoral and Multidisciplinary Professional Specialization Programme and Network for Violence Prevention” coordinated by Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Oulu in Finland. The project is funded by the DAPHNE II programme of the European Commission and co-finanaced by Findalnd’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.The project aims to construct a regional, national and international network of professionals working and dealing with questions of violence. The main result of the project will be a multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary specialization programme for professional education and in-service training on violence and violence prevention. The aims of the project can be summarized as follows: NETWORK – the collection of existing tools, material and knowledge and bring experts and organizations together. KNOWLEDGE – the development and increase of knowledge on themes such as honour and shame, masculinities and violence, cultural specificities of violence and violence and peace EDUCATION – the coordination and piloting of a multisectoral and multidisciplinary specialization programme that will be established as a permanent specializing program. The specialization programme will consist of courses that look at the topic from different angles such as violence in work, social care and health, violence in education and violence and the peaceful, empowering environment. The specialization programme will be piloted by the project partners and its’ position as a specialization programme will be established. Enroll or view more information on the APROPOS Web-based Specialization Programme on Violence Prevention. The project aims to increase the expertise of people working in different occupations in social work, health care and education. The project will increase their know-how and possibilities to recognize, deal with and prevent violent situations which they may face in their everyday work. PROJECT PARTNERS The project’s partners are well-established, organizations and experts in the project’s thematic field:

To read more about the project visit the coordinating partners website at wwwedu.oulu.fi/apropos