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MIGS is a partner to the project entitled: “Breaking the Mould: Promoting Gender Equality in Cyprus“. The main aim of the project is to tackle the problem of a lack of awareness about the equal economic independence of women and men, including the unbalance between professional and private life and the limited share of housework and care responsibilities between men and women. More importantly, the project focuses on culture change which is vital if Cypriot society is to move towards equality. Finally, the project aims at bringing about culture change in SMEs in Cyprus, where most men are employed, by introducing simple family-friendly measures.

Coordinators: National Machinery for Women’s Rights and Ministry of Justice and Public Order.

This project is funded by the European Union.

Partners: Mediterannean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) and Ministry of Education and Culture, IMH.

Equality between men and women is recognized as a fundamental right in the Treaty of Rome. Even though the principle of equal pay for equal work is an integral part of the Treaty, almost 60 years after its signing, women in the EU still earn on average 15% less than men for equivalent work, often despite having better academic qualifications. Economic independence is a prerequisite for equality. It requires creating opportunities for the full participation of women and men in the labour market all along the life-cycle as well as having a more equal share of unpaid family work. In particular, since 2012, Cyprus has been implementing an incentive with a broad mix of measures, aimed at combating the root causes that create and sustain the gender pay gap. A number of actions have been introduced to improve the inspection mechanisms for equal pay legislation in Cyprus, to establish a Gender Equality Certification Body and to research the use of parental leave through the adoption of pay benefits.

The project’s main target audience is:

  •  Men aged 18-45, who are in employment and whose role in achieving the goals is essential when one considers that they also represent more than the 2/3 of the decision-makers in the public and private sectors in Cyprus;
  • Companies, SMEs in Cyprus;
  • Primary school teachers;
  • Primary school students, of 8-12 years.


  • A research to measure the RoI of the benefits for equally shared paid and unpaid working hours as well as to discuss obstacles preventing the adaptation of measures;
  • An awareness raising activity for men to support the idea of flexible working arrangements;
  • A campaign to highlight the benefit of family-friendly measures to encourage companies to implement them;
  • A campaign to counteract the stereotype that domestic work does not fit the traditional picture of masculinity.

The methodology of this project is threefold:

  •  Campaign targeting men, which will start after the mapping of the current situation in Cyprus. This will also provide evidence of innovative ways of organising work and time in such a way as to enable a better work/life balance and greater sharing of domestic tasks and care responsibilities between women and men;
  • Awareness-raising actions for SMEs, where a special guide will be prepared for SMEs containing effective methods of implementing family-friendly measures in the workplace as well as the return on investment of such programmes;
  • Educational activities for teachers and schoolchildren which will be achieved through special educational tools for teachers to use in special lesson on housework for both girls and boys as well as TV programmes viewed by primary children.

For more information please contact Josie Christodoulou at or at ++35722 842035/37.