The 11th Cyprus Sociological Association Conference entitled ” Rerevisiting Sexualities in the 21st Century” will take place on 7-9 June 2013, in Nicosia. Co-organisers of the Conference are the University of Nicosia, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, the Cyprus Family Planning Association, and ACCEPT LGBT Cyprus.

The aim of this inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary conference is to provide an academic platform on which to initiate an open dialogue between academics, professionals, practitioners and activists in the field of human sexuality.
We invite abstracts and posters related to the above topic from academic fields such as education, comparative studies, business studies, media and communications, law, geography, art, literature, comparative literature, visual studies, psychology, sociology, anthropology, intercultural studies, women’s studies, gender studies and history.

Practitioners from varied professional backgrounds including nurses, teachers, social workers, counselors, doctors,
as well as grassroots activists and artists are also welcome.

The conference committee welcomes abstracts for oral and/or poster presentations for the following themes:

Technologies of sexualities
The stratification of sexualities by class, race, gender, age and culture
Queer theory and LGBT studies
Sexualized identities
Self, Selves, Sexuality, Body and Space
Expressing sexuality through the arts
Sexualized communities
Sexuality & Religion/Spirituality
Globalization of sexualities
Representations, pornography and mass media communication of sexualities
Sex work and sex tourism
Diversification of sexualities
Methodologies of sex research
Politics of Sexualities
Construction and impact of sexualities through HIV and AIDS
The arts performing, reproducing and questioning sexual inequalities
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Sexual Violence and Gender based violence
Education of Sexuality
Sexuality across the lifespan

Please be informed of the deadlines for submissions and other important information about the Conference here.

For more information please contact:

Prof Constantinos N Phellas, e-mail:
Ms Christina Loizou, e-mail:
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