She-Experts InitiativeThe Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) is now accepting applications from women living and/or working in Cyprus with proven expertise in diverse areas to participate in its Expert Women’s Initiativewhich aims to promote and support women’s contribution to society.

The Expert Women’s Initiative is being implemented with the framework of the project Time to Act: Time to ACT: Strengthening Capacity for Gender Parity in Political Decision-making in Cyprus co-funded by the “Global Women, Peace and Security” Initiative, United States Department of State.

WHY participate in the She-Expert Initiative?

The She-Expert Initiative aims to help women raise their own profile within their chosen fields and boost the number of inspirational role models for other women and girls.

Overall benefits:

  • Increase your self-awareness and confidence.
  • Develop skills to advocate for yourself and overcome challenges to your visibility.
  • Learn strategies for networking and relationship building.
  • Develop and implement a personal action plan to achieve your goals.
  • Become an active agent of change in your organisation/field.

Successful applicants will:

 –     Be featured on the online Expert Women’s Platform and Database as experts in your area/field;

–    Have the opportunity to present to camera on your specialist subject which will be available on the She-Expert YouTube channel and on the She-Expert Women’s Platform and Database.

–    Become part of a dynamic group of expert women in Cyprus and contribute to raising the profile of women’s leadership and expertise in Cyprus.

HOW the She-Expert Initiative can help you get there

Successful applicants will also participate in the She-Expert Training Academy, a series of intensive in-person training sessions with expert trainers covering self-awareness, personal branding, presenting skills, and media training. Participants will learn how to present and project themselves, how to bring their subject alive in a way that is interesting and understandable to different audiences, and develop presentation, public speaking, and ‘on air’ skills.

 Expert trainers:

  • Eleni Demosthenous – Human Capital Consultant/Executive Coach, The Advance Institute
  • Simone Erotokritou –  Creative Consultant, Branding Coach, Strategic Brand Designer
  • Laura Shields –  Brussels Director of Media Coach

In-person training sessions will take place indicatively on the 22 April, 6 May, 26-27 May 2017. Successful applicants must commit to attend in-person training sessions.

 What is the Expert Women Initiative?

MIGS aims to positively and significantly impact the visibility of women in the media, increase the inclusion of women’s voices on key issues in the national dialogue, fight sexism and bias in media coverage, and increase professional opportunities for women.

To this end, MIGS is developing an online Expert Women’s Platform and Database with the aim to become the leading source of expert women for organizations, employers, political parties, as well as the media in Cyprus.

MIGS is now accepting applications from women from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to benefit from in-person intensive training sessions by expert trainers and feature on our Expert Women’s Platform and Database.

What are the requirements to apply?

Women representing diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, professions, ethnicities, ages, geographical regions, and levels of experience are encouraged to apply – whether they are recognized leaders in their field or have gained expertise from their own life experiences.

 Specifically, candidates should have:

–  A high level of professional experience of at least 5 years in one or more area of expertise. We also welcome applications from women with expertise gained from at least one year of lived experience.[1]

–   Fluency in Greek and/or English.

Please complete and submit this application form.  Deadline is February 12, 2017.

For more information, please contact Josie Christodoulou, Policy Coordinator, Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS);, Tel.: 22795151

[1] MIGS wants to emphasize that expertise gained from lived experience is just as important as having studied or worked on a specific subject.