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All MIGS Press Releases are available and ready to download. For more info, background information, quotes or visual materials, or to organize an interview with our staff or members, do not hesitate to contact MIGS at info@medinstgenderstudies.org and +357 22 7954/53.  Please note that some press releases may only be available in Greek.

MIGS Press Coverage

As part of its objectives and advocacy work, MIGS often works with media professionals and attempts to disseminate information through all types of media. Most articles are available in pdf format by clicking on the title link. (Some articles are only available in Greek). Top articles are the most recent.

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CWL Press Release “Μισό βήμα μπροστά, 10 πίσω! Καμία συζήτηση επαναφοράς του καθεστώτος της καλλιτέχνιδας” – 05.06.2013 Press Release by the Cyprus Women’s Lobby expressing their dissatisfaction concerning the meeting that the Minister of Interior has arranged with the owners of Night Clubs to discuss about regaining permission of visas to “artists”.

MIGS Press Release “Εκ μητρογονίας Πρόσφυγες” – 25.06.2013 MIGS press release express its congratulations to the Cyprus Cabinet and especially to the minister of interior, Mr. Socrates Chasikos in recognizing the refugee identity of mothers.

MIGS Press Release “Τέλος στην σεξουαλική βία ΤΩΡΑ” – 21.06.2013 MIGS press release is expressing its concerns concerning the last cases of sexual abuse in Cyprus and demand from society to take actions to end sexual violence.

MIGS Press Release “IMMEDIATE TRANSPOSITION OF EU DIRECTIVE ON TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS” – 30.04.2013 MIGS press release express is concern with the failure of the Cyprus Government to transpose the European Directive on Trafficking in Human Beings in its national legislation by the deadline of 6 April 2013

MIGS Press Release “Απαράδεκτη η απόφαση του Κακουργιοδικείου για τον αναισθησιολόγο”26.04.2013 MIGS press release express its disagreements concerning the reasons and arguments that the Court based its decision to find innocent the anesthesiologist on rape charges.