The social development organisation MOVISIE International (Netherlands), in partnership with the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, is coordinating a project entitled Combating Honour Related Violence and Forced Marriages Flying Team against Violence, funded by the European Commission Daphne III Programme.

The project’s main aim is to enhance knowledge, to develop and implement good practices on a grass roots level, in relation to the prevention and combating honour related violence (HRV), forced marriages (FM) and abandonment, as well as, the creation of a European network on this subject matter.

Project Objectives:

1.   To provide an overview of good practices developed by grass roots organizations and NGO’s on combating HRV, FM and abandonment, and to determine factors for success in the community work and in influencing national policy

2.   The creation of a network between grass roots organizations and NGO’s to exchange knowledge and good practices, for support of further development and creation of methods and policies

3. The creation of a “flying European team” with members from grass roots organizations and NGO’s in the different countries, to provide information and advice to grass roots organizations, NGO’s, stakeholders and (inter-)national policy makers.

Project Activities:

  • The publication of a report of the findings in each participating country.
  • The publication of a manual of selected best practices in the participating countries, to be used in other countries, on issues like: community based activities in raising awareness and discussion on HRV and FM, activities in empowering young people and/or women in protecting themselves against violence and pressure, activities to increase resilience of parents to resist family/community pressure.
  • The development of recommendations for the different target groups – stakeholders, politicians and policy makers – based on:
    1.  A meeting in each participating country for grass roots organizations and NGO’s to exchange and discuss experiences  and good practices;
    2.  A toolkit with useful practices based on methods for empowering young people and women against violence and pressure within the family and/or the community.
  • A national meeting, in cooperation with the ‘flying team’, in each participating country, between grass root organizations and NGO’s to exchange experiences and good practices, and to discuss policies and recommendations with the national policy makers and other stakeholders.
  • The Publication of a final project report which will describe the working process, the methods used, the results, the conclusions and recommendations of the project. This report will be disseminated primarily to national and European policy makers and stakeholders, and to Daphne Committee.

The Project’s Leaflet  is accessible here: leaflet_Project_Flying_Team_against_Violence_MIGS

The Project’s Toolkit against Violence which includes good practices on combating honour related violence and forced marriages is accessible here.

Read the European Report entitled “Flying Team against Violence Combating Honor Related Violence, Forced Marriage and Abandonment Policies, Good Practices and Success Factors in Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey” and the European Summary Report. The reports also include recommendations to national and European stakeholders.

Country reports with the findings in each participating country: Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey, and Sweden.

For more information please contact the Project Cooridnator, Christina Kaili at