The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) is a partner to a project coordinated by the University of Zaragoza and funded by the European Commission – Daphne Porgramme entitled “Secondary Education Schools and Education in values: Proposals for gender violence prevention”.

The main aim of the project is to contribute to gender violence prevention in secondary schools, given that it is one of the stages in which many young people begin their first relationships and begin to shape certain values in relation to the models of attraction. These models respond to certain values that in many cases promote and value violent attitudes, perceiving them as attractive. This project will analyse the context of secondary schools, including the analysis of other contexts for socialisation of youth (family, neighbourhood, etc.), in order to propose actions that contribute to the prevention of gender violence in relation to education in values. The task and responsibility of working towards gender violence prevention must be taken on by Secondary Education on the basis of a values education that promotes models of attraction grounded in values of equality, solidarity and respect.

More specifically, the objective of the project is to identify and analyse the types of values in Secondary Education that have an impact on the model for attraction that influences adolescents’ affective-sexual relationships. The study of the situation of gender violence among the adolescent population in on the basis of existing statistical data will allow us to further the contextualisation of this issue in this population group. Special attention will be paid to the analysis of existing statistical data on this issue in the new member countries. A qualitative study will also be carried out in the partner countries.


  1. Each partner will draft a state of the art on theoretical contributions and political actions in response to gender violence among the adolescent population in their country.
  2. A report on gender violence among the adolescent population in Europe will be produced based on existing statistical data (in this report information will be included about the state of the art on the 10 new member countries). View the Second Report in PDF.
  3. An in-depth study of the situation of gender violence in the countries participating in the proposal (based on existing data). View the Third Report in PDF.
  4. A report based on the qualitative work: Causes of gender violence among the adolescent population and values that contribute to its prevention.View the Fourth Report in PDF.
  5. A resource book of guidelines for gender violence prevention among adolescents.
  6. The design of a methodology and plan for action in secondary education schools to work on the prevention of gender violence.
  7. Design of a web page with the project results.
  8. A Report of comparative results. Summary of Final Report available in Greek and English below:
    Summary [English] [PDF]
    Summary [Greek] [PDF].

View the project’s Final Report [PDF].

Within the framework of this project MIGS also conducted a seminar in order to disseminate the results of the project to relevant stakeholders.

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