MIGS was involved as a partner in an EQUAL community initiative programme, co-funded by the European Social Fund entitled ELANI: Open Doors. This project aimed at enhancing the participation of women in economic life by encouraging businesses to adopt family friendly policies and through the promotion of reconciliation of professional and family life.

The project “OPEN DOORS” addressed:

  • Working women whose ability to work is undermined or endangered due to the strain caused by family obligations.
  • Unemployed women who have been deterred or excluded from the labour market due to family obligations;
  • Women who have never worked because of family or traditional reasons but who wish to enter the labour market;

The aims of the project were:

  1. To formulate a new business culture and develop family friendly forms of work organization, with the support of businesses willing to integrate new strategies and adopt “reconciliation plans” for the development of a business culture friendly towards women and a suitable working environment;
  2. To develop essential support mechanisms and structures that offer services to women and to evaluate the potential of these services in eliminating gender-based discrimination as well as in promoting the reconciliation of family and professional life;
  3. To identify and exchange experiences and best practices through the application of “reconciliation plans” within specific organizations;
  4. To present to the Cypriot labour market a substantially new profession, which will be called “Gender Equality Advisor”, suitable for development within the framework of public administration, enterprises, non-governmental organizations;
  5. To move towards a change in the social collective conscience regarding the social position of women, bias and stereotypes linked to gender, and the readjustment of social roles within the family and labour market;
  6. To lobby for the application of proportional policies, the revision of existing policies, and the enrichment of the existing institutional framework;

As partner, MIGS was the coordinator for Action 4 “Mapping of the Social Gender Map of Cyprus”. The findings report was finalized in February 2007 and was presented by the Main Research, Dr. Chrystalla Ellina at the International Conference on the “Reconciliation of Family and Professional Life” which was held in Nicosia – Cyprus on the 27th and the 28th of April 2007. Download the Finding reports in PDF.

MIGS was also an active participant in other Actions of the project including Action 5 “New models – New culture and labour environments” and Action 7 “New forms of partnership to facilitate the employment of women” both as trainers and trainees.

Within the framework of action 5, training seminars were organized to train members of each partner organization as well as 10 members of the Labour Department of the Ministry of Labour to provide recommendations for family friendly policies in their respective organizations.

MIGS was involved in the training seminars, which took place from 26 December – 23 November 2006, both as trainers and trainees. Chrystalla Ellina, Josie Christodoulou, Susana Pavlou and Krini Kafiris conducted training sessions on Sex/Gender and Stereotypes, Gender Equality and the Cyprus Reality, European Gender Equality Policy, Migrant Women and trafficking in Women, Gender Mainstreaming, and Gender and the Media. Eleni Skarpari and Rania Tollefson were active participants in the training seminars.

Within the framework of Action 7, Susana Pavlou conducted trainings on Gender Equality and Civil Society to women in Nicosia, Limassol, and Larnaca in May 2007 where the results of the research on the Gender Gap in Civil Society was presented and discussed.

For more information please contact Susana Pavlou on susana@medinstgenderstudies.org

– Within the framework of this program see the invitation to the International Conference “For the Conciliation of Family and Professional Life”.

– View a Newspaper article below with reference to the research conducted by Christalla Ellina within Action 4 entitled “Mapping of the Social Gender Map of Cyprus” and carried out within the framework of this project [Only available in Greek]

“Η Κύπρια σηκώνει τα βάρη: Ισχυροί οι παραδοσιακοί ρόλοι άνδρα-γυναίκας”, Phileleftheros, 15/08/2007 [pdf]