IMG_20150208_093945 MIGS has been represented at the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) Women’s Rights & Gender Working Group’s meeting that  took place on the 7-8 February 2015, in Brussels.

Over 20 female activists gathered in Brussels to discuss the current challenges  on gender equality, including violence against women in the Euro-Mediterranean Region (with specific focus in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Palestine among other). Here follows the general aims and results of the working group meeting in Brussels, and the appeal launched by the group in view of the International Women’s Day 2015.   

  1. Sharing information on and discussing the current opportunities for advocacy work on combating violence against women  (VaW) and fighting impunity in the Euro-Med region;
  2. Discuss EMHRN work on combating VaW and promoting gender mainstreaming, including preparation of fact sheets.
  3. Discuss and agree on future gender mainstreaming (GM) priorities, including the consolidation of gender focal points.
  4. Discuss and agree on the EMHRN future work on gender equality and women’s rights, including trial monitoring and solidarity, internal and external communication on VaW and a general framework for the new post-general assembly Gender Working Group.

The EMHRN Network in the framework of the Gender Working Group published 3 fact-sheets relating to the situation of violence against women in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

IMG_20150208_141200On the 6th February 2015, the EMHRN Gender Working Group organised a training for its members on EU Advocacy. In the framework of the advocacy training the GWG members had teh opportunity to: exchange experiences on EU advocacy; discuss the European Union functioning and upcoming opportunities; explore the EU’s internal & external policies to fight against VaW and promote gender equality; and do practical exercises on practicing advocacy.

Join Us and Say No to Impunity on Violence against Women!

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) calls on activists to stand up against impunity and ensure accountability for crimes against women. EMHRN’s Gender Working Group joint appeal comes in the wake of distressing accounts of violence against women, particularly targeting women human rights defenders in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. Read the announcement  “EMHRN Gender Working Group Launches International Women’s Day 2015 Appeal“.

Information about the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network: 

MIGS is an active member of the Euromed Human Rights Network (EMHRN), following the Network’s General Assembly that took place in December 2008. Within the ENHRN, MIGS is an active participant of the working group on Gender and Women’s Rights.  The Women’s Rights & Gender Working Group endorses cooperation between women’s rights and human rights organizations and networks, to promote gender equality within their organizations, increase awareness about gender discrimination in the region, to monitor public policies in this regard and in particular the Ministerial Conclusions on Strengthening the Role of Women in Society, which is commonly referred to Istanbul Plan of Action (IPA).

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