Empowering careMIGS is a partner to a project entitled ‘Empowering Care: Empowering girls in residential care against violence against women’, coordinated by SURT Women’s Foundation in Barcelona, Spain and funded by the Daphne III Programme, European Commission.

The Empowering Care Manual is a comprehensive resource for professionals who work directly with girls in residential care.  It contains comprehensive information on the theoretical and practical framework of the Empowering Care Programme alongside session plans, activity resources and evaluation tools.

The programme can be implemented as a whole or can be adjusted and incorporated independently depending on the needs of each training programme and the target group. In either case, the Empowering Care Manual makes an important contribution to the fight against gender-based violence and constitutes an invaluable tool for front-line professionals working with girls in residential care.

Empowering Care Handbook for professionals with guidelines for the empowerment of girls in residential care:

For more information please visit the project website at www.empoweringcare.eu  or contact info@medinstgenderstudies.org.