Empowering careMIGS is a partner to a project entitled ‘Empowering Care: Empowering girls in residential care against violence against women’, coordinated by SURT Women’s Foundation in Barcelona, Spain and funded by the Daphne III Programme, European Commission.

The Empowering Care political recommendations are the result of the joint work of the partnership during the last 2 years. Within this document, the Empowering Care project and its partnership is seeking to place the issue of young girls living in residential care and their experiences of violence on both the European and national political agendas.

The aim of the recommendations is to raise awareness and sensitize policy makers and civil servants on the seriousness of the violence experienced by girls placed in residential care institutions. Consequently, the recommendations also aim at urging them to deal with this insufficiently covered social problem and providing them with adequate guidelines for action.

Empowering Care is a European project aiming at increasing knowledge on the prevalence and characteristics of violence and abuse against girls aged 14-18 in residential care and under the legal responsibility of public authorities in five EU Member States (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Italy and Spain). Moreover, the project also aimed at empowering young girls in residential care to protect and prevent themselves and their peers from violence.

Empowering Care Political Recommendations:

For more information please visit www.empoweringcare.eu or contact info@medinstgenderstudies.org.