MIGS received funding from the Anna Lindh Foundation for Dialogue between the Cultures to implement a project entitled Euro-Mediterranean Youth Forum for Gender Citizenship Education. The main objective of the project is to create an innovative Gender Citizenship Education resource (video documentaries) based on the model of Youth Participatory Action Research, with the aim to raise awareness among youth on gender equality and women’s economic, social and political marginalization in the Mediterranean region, and to allow young people to be actively involved in understanding and transforming their society. View the Call for Participants Project partners include: Sustainable Development Association, Egypt The University of the Middle East Project (UME), Spain Society Voice Association for Community and Civil Work, Palestine Fundación Centro de Educación Superior en Oriente Medio, Spain IMCS Intercollege Ltd, Cyprus. The objectives of the project are:

  • Create an innovative Gender Citizenship Education resource (video documentaries) based on the model of Youth Participatory Action Research.
  • Conduct research on gender related issues among young people in order to create video documentaries that focus on questions of women’s marginalization and exclusion.
  • Make use of the documentaries to serve as a resource for both teachers and students in the Mediterranean region, not only in Gender Citizenship Education courses but also in other curricular areas (History, Literature, Geography, Social Studies) where the themes of Citizenship Education are relevant (human rights issues, gender awareness, tolerance etc.).
  • Develop a series of 4 video documentaries on DVD (10 minutes each) which feature the problem of women’s marginalization in the societies of the partner countries. The videos will be completed by young people who will receive training on Gender, Diversity, Research Methods, on Critical Media Literacy and Video Production. The DVDs will also be accompanied by Teacher Course Material (lesson plans, handouts, ideas for activities) which will be prepared by teachers.

Within the framework of this project, MIGS also conducted a Teacher Training Seminar. Following the completion of the documentaries a teachers’ training workshop was organised in Cyprus with the participation of teachers of secondary education from the four participating countries. The main aim of the workshop was to develop this Teacher Course Workbook to accompany the screening of the documentaries in classes on Citizenship Education. The Workbook includes lesson plans for each of the five video documentaries as well as some words from the young people who participated in this project and successfully cooperated in the production of the films.To view the workbook please click below: Teacher Course Workbook [PDF]