The project Gender, Conflict and the Media: Working Toward Egalitarianism and Peace, was bi-communal project supported by a grant from the Bi-Communal Development Programme, funded by USAID and UNDP and executed by UNOPS.The project was concluded in five phases and included the following activities:

  1. Research
    Research on how media in Cyprus reports gender and what the implications are for the ethnic and social issues in both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. Two reports were prepared upon conclusion of the research with analysis of the results, discussion and recommendations.The abstract of the reports are available on-line. For the full text of the reports kindly contact Susana Pavlou at
  2. A meeting with Media Owners and Editors
    Approximately twenty media owners/editors from the GC and TC communities participated in a seminar organised on the 24th of February 2004 at Intercollege in Nicosia, where the findings of the research were presented and discussed. The seminar focused on informing the media industry on issues affecting gender issues, conflict and democracy. The scope was to engage the media owners and editors in discussion on their role as gatekeepers and the need to highlight issues of gender and ethnic relations through their newspapers, radio and TV stations.
  3. Training workshops with Women Journalists
    Two training workshops with women journalists from both communities in Cyprus were organised from 4th to 7th June 2004. The workshops were provided by Dr. Krini Kafiris.
  4. An internatinal conference entitled “Gender, Diversity and the Media”
    An International Conference entitled Gender, Diversity and the Media was organised on 19th June 2004, at Intercollege in Nicosia, with scholars, media owners/editors and all other interested organisations and individuals. The conference brought together scholars in the field of communication and media studies from reputable academic institutions, international NGO professionals, and local media owners and journalists from the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities to a one-day event which will incorporate issues of gender, conflict, and media reporting.
  5. Policy and Media Handbook
    A Policy Handbook on how media can report issues of gender and conflict was published towards the end of the project. The handbook includes part of the report of level one (how media currently reports gender), an assessment of the situation in terms of gender in Cyprus, and a coherent series of steps on how to improve practices and support journalists to represent both genders more fairly and promote women to become more directly involved in decision making, ethnic issues and women’s issues. The handbook also included clear guidelines on ‘best practices’ for media professionals.The Policy Handbook has widely distributed to local and international Educational Institutes, scholars, media organisations, NGOs, media owners/editors and journalists. View the Gender and Media Handbook in pdf format.

    For more information on this project please contact:
    Dr. Myria Vassiliadou, Director