untitledIn response to the underrepresentation of women (12.5%) in the House of Representatives in Cyprus, and on the occasion of the May 2016 parliamentary elections in Cyprus, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender studies has published a report entitled ‘Gender, Power and Democracy: The Contribution of Women in the House of Representatives‘ which was co-financed by the National Machinery for Women’s Rights of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order.

The report outlines the contribution of women in parliament and in legislation now play a huge role in the daily life of all citizens. Individual as well as collective actions of women parliamentarians were examined, the challenges and constraints they faced, as well as strategies they employed to overcome them. The study also examined cross-party alliances and partnerships among women, and their role in promoting equality and the human rights of women and girls in Cyprus.  The research was conducted through in-depth interviews with 12 current and former women members of parliament as well as desk-research.

Based on the report and its results, the Institute has made recommendations for the advancement of women in political decision-making, and in Parliament in particular, which will be sent for briefing and consideration to relevant stakeholders.

Find the report here.