The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies has participated as a partner in a project, entitled “Prevention of Violence Against Girls and Women in Patriarchal Families” coordinated by Kvinnoforum, an organization in Sweden and funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Transnational Exchange Programme Phase II.

The Institute has committed itself to carrying out a survey of the current services and practices available throughout Cyprus to victims of honour-related violence. This will produce a mapping of these services as well as examples of good practice. The resulting report will become part of an exchange procedure between the participating countries about the best handling practices of this kind of violence and injustice against the vulnerable members of our society.

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Prevention of Violence Against Girls and Women in Patriarchal Families

Publications on Honor Related Violence

1. The Resource Book

“Honour Related Violence – European Resource Book and Good Practice”. The book is based on the project “Prevention of violence against women and girls in patriarchal families”. The project is an EU-cooperation between seven countries: Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany, UK, Finland, The Netherlands and Cyprus. It can download it here (pdf-format):

HRV resourcebook

2. The Training ManualThis manual is one of the final outcomes of a European project focusing on HRV, ‘Prevention of violence against girls and women in patriarchal families’ coordinated by Kvinnoforum, Sweden and funded by the European Commission. The main aim of this project has been to facilitate and speed-up the exchange and best practice in the work against HRV in Europe. Another aim has been to develop methods of co-operation regarding this issue on both national and international level that can be used within other areas for combating poverty and social exclusion.

This manual is aimed at professionals representing authorities (e.g. police, social services, judiciary, schools, health care, immigration), CSOs, shelters etc., who come in contact with the target group, girls, boys, women and men, with issues/problems related to HRV. It is also aimed at other professionals who meet similar groups/communities working with issues related to social inclusion/exclusion and professionals seeking improved co-operation within the field of social inclusion.

It can be downloaded here (pdf- format): HRV Training Manual

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