4. One training workshop in each partner country to raise awareness on existing policies, best practices and strategies among key stakeholders including policy makers, governmental and NGO officials, and trade unionists and to provide a platform for female migrant domestic workers and employer associations to voice their views and experiences. View the locations and dates of the Training Workshops [PDF]

5. Parallel awareness campaigns: the dissemination of information and awareness campaigns through the publication of leaflets and posters First Information Leaflet

This leaflet provides the results of the project with regards to the situation of female migrant domestic workers in each of the five partner countries, as well as policy recommendations on an EU level. To download the leaflet in English and Greek respectively, please view below:
Research Results Leaflet English [PDF]
Research Results Leaflet Greek [PDF]

The publication and printing of posters, in the five partner languages, is one of the awareness-raising activities of the project, in combination with the preparation of leaflets and their widespread dissemination. The process of arriving at the current design for the poster was complicated, as issues of representation regarding female migrant domestic workers were discussed, researched and problematized by the team.

View the INTI Poster [English] in PDF.

6. Publication of a Resource Book which will incorporate the activities of the project including the best practices and integration models of each country and policy recommendations and strategies for the future.

7. A final conference involving the participation of all relevant stakeholders with the main theme that of developing an integration model responsive to the particular needs of female migrant domestic workers. 

 To view a report on the main results of the conference please view the Conference Report in PDF.

For more information contact Josie Christodoulou on ++357 22 351274 ext.115 or josie@medinstgenderstudies.org