The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies is coordinating a new project entitled “Intercultural Dialogue on Violence against Women”, funded by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures.Partners to this project are: ISIS Center for Women and Development (Morocco) ANTIGONE – Information Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence (Greece) AAW – Alliance for Arab Women (Egypt) HEURA (Spain) The overall objective of the project is to enhance the active participation of women in intercultural dialogue about violence against women and the diffusion of information about overcoming discrimination and violence against women in the Euro-Med region. Specifically, the proposed project will bring together five organizations from the Euro-Med region and 25 women from diverse backgrounds in five countries in order to discuss and identify areas of common concern, exchange experiences, and highlight best practices in relation to violence against women. Furthermore, the project aims to encourage the exploration of ways and means for further cooperation among the participants in the area of eliminating violence against women, as well as a further exploration of ways of sharing and disseminating the results of the project activities to relevant stakeholders in the partner countries and in the Euro-Mediterranean region. All the above objectives will be achieved through intercultural dialogue as well as through artistic and creative exchange. Specifically the project will consist of:

  1. A Photo Competition with the theme “Violence against Women” targeting young women photographers (under the age of 40) from the five partner countries in the Euro-Med Region;
  2. The preparation of a state-of-the-art report on domestic violence in the five partner countries;
  3. A two-day workshop and training session on all steps of project development with an emphasis on lobbying and advocacy in relation to violence against women for 30 women from five countries;
  4. A photo exhibition with the theme “Violence against Women” displaying the photographs of the short listed candidates from all five partner countries and the nomination of an award to the winning photographer;
  5. The publication of a resource manual in relation to violence against women in the Euro-Med region that will include a synthesis of the state-of-the-art reports from all five partner countries, information from the workshop and training, and the short-listed photographs as well as the award winning photograph on the cover of the publication
  6. The active dissemination of the results of the activities of the project to all relevant stakeholders in the five partner countries and in the Euro-Mediterranean region using press releases, electronic and audiovisual media, the internet and lectures.

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