The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies has published awareness-raising leaflets and posters on trafficking in women. This effort has been funded by the National Machinery for Women’s Rights with the aim to inform and sensitise the public and relevant stakeholders on trafficking in women for the purpose of sexual and labour exploitation.

MIGS recognizes that trafficking in human beings is a large- scale human rights violation which can take diverse forms including trafficking for sexual exploitation, and forced labour.

The leaflets aim to inform and raise awareness among students, policy makers and government officials, as well as the general public about trafficking in women and specifically questions relating to the following:

a. What is human trafficking and when does it occur?

b. How many women are victims of trafficking worldwide?

c. Why are women vulnerable to human trafficking ?

d. Don’t women choose to take these risks?

e. What lives do trafficked women have ?

f. What be done to prevent and combat human trafficking ?

g. Where to seek more information about trafficking in human beings in Cyprus.

Click below to view the leaflets in pdf format:

Trafficking leaflet [English]

Trafficking Leaflet [Greek]

Click below to view the posters in pdf format:

Trafficking Poster [English]

Trafficking Poster [Greek]

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