eu_logoMIGS is a partner to the project entitled “END FGM (Female Genital Mutilations). Cooperation, synergies and structured dialogue among civil society and EU institutions to address female genital mutilation as a development issue”.

General Objective of the project

Strengthen the END FGM Network in order to facilitate a structured dialogue with European institutions aimed at re-positioning female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) as a development issue.

Project Partners

Previous actions and achievements leading to the project

The END FGM Network is a result of the input and coordination of Amnesty International Ireland since 2009, to implement the END FGM European Campaign ensuring that the European Union institutions adopt a definitive strategy to end female genital mutilation both, within the EU and in Africa. To this end, the END FGM Network has developed the Ending Female Genital Mutilation. A Strategy for the European Union Institutions, addressing 5 key dimensions:

1. Data collection, 2. Health,

3. Violence against women and children,

4. Asylum and

5. EU development cooperation.

In the first two years the END FGM Network conducted