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  Call for Applicants – She Experts Initiative   Are you an expert in your professional field? Are you interested in gaining increased exposure and promoting your expertise? Would you like to be trained in skills that will help you progress professionally? The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) has already launched the She Experts […]

The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) is now accepting applications from women living and/or working in Cyprus with proven expertise in diverse areas to participate in its Expert Women’s Initiative, which aims to promote and support women’s contribution to society. The Expert Women’s Initiative is being implemented with the framework of the project Time to Act: Time […]

In response to the underrepresentation of women (12.5%) in the House of Representatives in Cyprus, and on the occasion of the May 2016 parliamentary elections in Cyprus, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender studies has published a report entitled ‘Gender, Power and Democracy: The Contribution of Women in the House of Representatives‘ which was co-financed by […]

MIGS is a partner to the project entitled: “Breaking the Mould: Promoting Gender Equality in Cyprus“. The main aim of the project is to tackle the problem of a lack of awareness about the equal economic independence of women and men, including the unbalance between professional and private life and the limited share of housework and […]

Civil society can play a key role in mobilizing on a grass-roots level and forming alliances to effectively advocate for more democratic political processes. The aim of the workshop is to promote the engagement and mobilization of civil society to effectively advocate for gender parity in political decision-making at all levels through interactive and participatory […]