LogoMIGS is a participating partner to the project: “Combating Occupational segregation based on gender – Provision of Training Services among Career Consultants, Educators and Parents”. The action is coordinated by EDEX LTD (University of Nicosia), in partnership with CARDET, and Opinion Action Services Ltd. The action is being implemented within the framework of the Programme “Actions for reducing the gender pay gap”, implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, Department of Labour Relations and co- financed by the European Social Fund (ESF).

The overall aim of the project is to reduce gender pay gap by combating the root causes that create and sustain it. The specific aim is to combat occupation and sectoral segregation by gender through interventions in the education system. The programme will be accomplished by the provision of specialised training programmes for careers advice professionals as well as for 10,000 primary and secondary education teachers. It also includes information activities for parents, regarding their children’s education and occupation choices.

The main objectives of the programme include the following:

  • To combat the difficulties and obstacles that students face in access to knowledge which in turn may prevent equal access to the labour market;
  • To raise awareness in relation to the role gender plays in contemporary Cypriot society, in the family and the labour market, and in formulating educational and professional choices and ambitions etc.;
  • To combat inequalities and other obstacles in the educational and professional development of students;
  • To support students that are facing difficulties in access to knowledge and to the labour market due to the fact that they belong to a particular population group on live in problematic areas (rural and/or isolated);
  • To attract more students to traditionally male/female dominated professions and to professional sectors where there is demand;
  • To encourage students to participate in professions that there is higher demand for new talent. 

The main activities of the programme include:

  • Development of a diagnostic study concerning the professional and/or scientific choices of students based on gender;
  • Development of a handbook for student career counselors;
  • Provide specialized training programmes for student career counselors for gender-sensitive career counseling through specialized training programmes;
  • Development of a manual to promote awareness and sensitization among educators in all levels in an effort to eliminate gender stereotype in the educational system;
  • Training and sensitization of educators in primary and secondary education to eliminate the segregation of professions into “female” or “male” through specialized training programmes;
  • Development of a guide for raising awareness among parents on gender stereotypes;
  • Organization and provisions of educational seminars to parents on issues related to stereotypes, professional segregation and the gender pay gap.