WAVE_StepUp_Logo_300pxThe Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) as a member of the WAVE Network, a formal network NGO composed of European women’s NGOs working in the field of combating violence against women and children, is the national implementer of  the  WAVE Step Up! campaign in Cyprus.

The campaign was officially launched on the 25th May 2016, and aims at improving the availability and access to quality specialised support services for women survivors of violence and their children, calling on decision-makers on the national and European level to provide adequate and sustainable funding to autonomous NGOs providing these life-saving services.

MIGS and other WAVE members across Europe are raising their voices to help women survivors get the adequate support to enjoy their right to leave free of violence! We step up for more services that put women’s rights first!

Following the Supreme Court decision to reduce the sentence of two convicted rapists, the Step Up! campaign gathered momentum and received support by women’s organisations, NGOs, as well as policy makers such as the Minister of Health, the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Minister of Finance, and the Deputy Minister to the President, among others.

The national campaigning women’s organizations in Cyprus are WAVE Members Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) and Association of Women to Support Living (KAYAD).

 How to get involved:

  • Take pictures of yourself “stepping up” with a personal message, e.g.
    • “I #StepUp for more shelters in Cyprus”,
    • “I #StepUp for services that empower women in Cyprus”,
    • “I #StepUp to end victim-blaming in in Cyprus”
  • Tag your government and tell them to #StepUp for ratification of the Istanbul Convention!
  • Add the WAVE Step up! TWIBBON to your profile picture on Facebook – http://twibbon.com/Support/step-up-campaign-2

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #StepUpWAVE in your posts!

Find out who “stepped out” here.

Check out Cyprus’s Step Up! activities here.

Check out the WAVE Step Up! Campaign profile on Facebook, and show your support!