Logo_WeGo_CMYKMIGS is a partner to the project entitled: “WE GO! Women Economic- independence & Growth Opportunity” Project (acronym WE GO!). The main aim of the project is to strengthen support services for women victims by focusing on the training and advisory services that shelters/women’s centres offer to victims. This will be done through the capacity building of trainers and officers and the development of new methods / responses to the lack of economic alternatives for women.

Coordinator: ActionAid International Italia ONLUS

Partners: Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS), Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale (IRS), Euclid Network and ActionAid International Italia ONLUS.   

WE GO!Project is a transnational cooperation project to be implemented by a partnership of 15 organizations coming from 7 European countries – Italy, Spain, UK, Greece, Cyprus, Sweden, Bulgaria, plus 7 Associated Partners (including also Norway & France), plus a EU network of civil society leaders which connects over 300 members from 31 countries across Europe.


(1) to advance the cross-border cooperation among practitioners of support services targeting women victims of violence, identifying and exchanging best practices from at least 8 EU countries on support services to foster victims’ economic empowerment;

(2) to enhance the practitioners’ understanding, competences, skills by offering models and protocols of support paths that will help women victims gain economic independence.

The beneficiaries of the project include the following  main groups:

  1. Social workers, counselors, trainers, volunteers, other practitioners working with support services for women victims of violence, there will be 3 mutual learning and exchange activities and at least 8 training for trainers;
  2. Women victims of domestic violence (aprox. 200 women), the project will carry out at least 17 trainings in at least 7 shelters and anti-violence centres in Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria;
  3. Civil society, organisations, citizens, activists, researchers, policy makers.

The methodology adopted by the WE GO! Project encompasses some consolidated methods that have proved to be fundamental and extremely functional through the years of experience accumulated by the partners such as:

  • Exchange and mutual learning and the identification of good practices such as recognition of diversity;
  • Participatory methodologies which will be the base concept for the trainings;
  • Finally, the principles of feminist economics will be integrated in the economic empowerment as the core element and take the gender perspective into account.


Project management and coordination of the project, to ensure a smooth implementation of activities through the set-up of monitoring and coordination bodies, regular meetings and effective internal communication.

  • Comparative research analysis on the existing services for women victims in 8 countries thus developing common methodologies on data collection and a comprehensive analysis framework.
  • Mutual learning events for practitioners, to exchange best practices on methodologies leading to economic independence for women victims whilst advancing cross-border cooperation.
  • Implementation of economic empowerment services for women victims: training sessions for practitioners and victims in 4 countries to test new services that can help women exit situations of violence through economic alternatives.
  • Communication and dissemination activities, at a local and European level, to highlight methodological insights, achievements and learning in at least 8 countries whilst offering recommendations to decision makers.

Finally, WE GO! Project will be implemented by a partnership of 15 non-profit organisations from 7 EU member states and will last 24 months.

For more information please contact Josie Christodoulou at josie@medinstgenderstudies.org or at ++35722 842035/37.