Within the activities of the project Intercultural Dialogue on Violence against women funded by the Anna lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, MIGS conducted a 2 day workshop which took place during the 27th and 28th of November in Cyprus.The workshop brought together women from diverse backgrounds in five countries of the Euro-Med region [Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Morocco and Spain] and served as a platform for to discussion and identification of areas of common concern, exchange of experiences, and as a highlight for best practices between all the participants and partner countries in relation to the situation of violence against women in the Euromed region. Participants presented the situation of Violence against Women in their home countries and consequently split up into working Groups which discussed and reported back on issues such as how the media can contribute to the prevention of Violence against Women, the developing of project proposals, awareness campaigns as well as useful lobbying and advocating methods on issues of Violence against Women. All countries agreed on the commonalities that there faced by NGOs in Participant Countries and stressed the need for follow ups and future cooperation strategies between countries of the Euro Mediterranean region. One suggestion which was agreed upon by all countries, was the hosting of the photo exhibition by each partner organization in their respective home countries as an awareness raising measure for Violence against Women. View the agenda of the workshop: Workshop Agenda 27-28.11.2007